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Is The COVID-19 Vaccine Safe?

After a whole year since the race for a COVID19 vaccine began, many companies have developed potential vaccines. Despite many contenders, only a few were able to reach the human clinical trial stage. Two of the most authorized vaccines against the COVID19 virus are the Moderna and Pfizer-BinNTech vaccines. While these vaccines are effective in some cases, and many people are registering for a trial, some are also afraid of the possible side effects. Some pharmaceutical companies are still in the process of developing a successful vaccine. Read further below to know if the available COVID19 vaccines are safe enough.

What Measures Makes The COVID19 Vaccine Safe?

1.     Monitoring Side Effects

Since clinical trials for COVID19 vaccines began, the FDA and CDC have continuously monitored all potential side-effects. It’s a continuous process, and so far, they haven’t detected any threatening side-effects or issues. These platforms continue to expand their monitoring measures, making sure the vaccine is fully safe to use.

2.     Safety Testing

All vaccines have to go through different clinical trials to ensure their safety and effectiveness. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set multiple standards so that vaccines have a certain level of efficacy. The standards include four phases, and if the vaccine gets through all four phases successfully, then the public can access it.

3.     Requires Authorization

No vaccine goes through without authorization by the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), especially in emergency use. Vaccines that have met the FDA’s standards are only available once they receive EUA authorization. This autorotation is temporary and only applicable in emergencies.

Safety Concerns of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Thankfully, there are no threatening safety concerns that emerged from the two popular COVID19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna. They have successfully cleared all the requirements and stages of safety set by the FDA and other panels. However, not everyone may react the same way to the vaccine, depending on any other health-related issues.

If a person is allergic to insects, certain foods, latex, or has any other common allergies; they are ready for the COVID19 vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna. However, people with severe allergies to vaccines or any other injectables must consult with a health professional first.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  warns people with severe allergies to refrain from getting the vaccine without proper consultation with a medical professional.

As you can see, the two most common vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna are quite safe and may surely curb the spread of one of the dangerous virus. Before going in for the vaccine, make sure you consult your doctor and evaluate all the possible side-effects by considering your health conditions.