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I-693 Immigration Exams in Maryland

Purpose: The primary purpose of the I-693 Immigration Exam is to evaluate the health status of individuals applying for immigration benefits in the United States. It aims to ensure that immigrants do not pose a health risk to the U.S. population and are capable of maintaining their health upon entry.

Required by USCIS: The I-693 form is mandated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for certain immigration applications, such as adjustment of status (green card application) and refugee/asylee status. It is essential for applicants to complete this examination as part of their immigration process.

Conducted by Authorized Civil Surgeons: The examination must be conducted by a designated civil surgeon who is authorized by USCIS. Civil surgeons are licensed medical professionals in the United States who have undergone specific training and are approved to perform immigration medical examinations.

Components of the Exam: The I-693 Immigration Exam typically includes a comprehensive medical history review, physical examination, and screening for communicable diseases. It may also involve laboratory tests and vaccinations to ensure compliance with U.S. vaccination requirements.

Validity Period: Once completed, the I-693 form is typically valid for a designated period, usually one year from the date of the civil surgeon’s signature. It is important to submit the form to USCIS within this validity period to avoid delays in the immigration process.

Requirements for Vaccinations: Applicants are required to have certain vaccinations as part of the immigration medical examination, in accordance with the U.S. vaccination guidelines. These vaccinations may vary based on age, medical history, and other factors.

Submission Process: The completed I-693 form and any supporting documents must be submitted to USCIS as part of the immigration application package. It is important to follow USCIS guidelines and instructions for submission to ensure compliance and avoid delays in processing.

Additional Considerations: It’s essential for applicants to disclose any relevant medical history and provide accurate information during the examination. Failure to disclose relevant medical conditions or provide false information could result in immigration consequences.

Overall, the I-693 Immigration Exam plays a critical role in the immigration process, ensuring that immigrants entering the United States are in good health and do not pose a risk to public health and safety. Applicants should consult with authorized civil surgeons and adhere to USCIS requirements to complete this examination accurately and timely.

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