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When Should I Visit Urgent Care?

FirstCall Medical Center provides patients with many different services, so you won’t need to waste time in the emergency waiting room or waiting for an appointment. So, the next time you break your wrist, accidentally cut your finger or have a dry, scratchy throat you just can’t shake, visit our center. FirstCall has medical centers throughout the state of Maryland, so you know what you’re getting every time you visit one of our locations.

We promise to deliver high-quality medical care to every patient in need. Our centers provide convenient and easily accessible healthcare when you can’t get a timely appointment with your doctor. Our injury treatment options also act as a more convenient option compared to the emergency room. Visit one of our locations today for high-quality care and learn more about the types of conditions we treat at FirstCall Medical Center.

What is Urgent Medical Care?

Urgent medical care is used for all conditions that are considered urgent but aren’t quite an emergency. FirstCall Medical Center treats a wide variety of injuries and illnesses. When you are feeling sick or have hurt yourself, but your symptoms are not life-threatening, this is considered urgent medical care.

Some of our most common treatment options include:

Urgent care centers are used for convenience, so patients don’t need to spend a lot of time in the emergency room for non-emergency conditions. They’re also used so patients don’t need to wait for appointments with their primary care physicians. Patients should still see a primary physician annually to monitor for chronic conditions.

What is Emergency Medical Care?

With emergency care, there are some conditions that the hospital and local emergency room are better equipped to treat. It’s important to understand the difference between emergency medical care and urgent medical care. If a condition is causing life-threatening symptoms, or it feels as though it’s an emergency, it should be treated as one. The FirstCall Medical Centers are alternatives to the emergency room, not replacements.

Some conditions that should be treated as emergencies include:

  • Head or eye injuries, whether they cause loss of consciousness or not
  • Severely broken bones
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Serious burns
  • Seizures
  • Deep cuts that require multiple stitches or bleeding that won’t stop
  • Vaginal bleeding while pregnant
  • Slurred speech
  • Weakness on one side of the body