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Washing your hands will combat the flu

Ghost, goblins & ghouls aren’t the only things you should be scared of this Halloween! The flu is still at large & you can still get it! Flu season is from mid-September to late December! By this time of the year, we here at FirstCall Medical Center would hope that you all have gotten your flu shots by now! However, even if you have you are not out of the woods yet! A flu shot is only part of the process when it comes to ducking the flu this year. It is still possible to get the flu even with the flu shot! So, here’s how to protect yourself during flu season:

How much do you wash your hands?

If you only wash your hands 3-4 times a day you aren’t washing your hands enough. We experience a lot throughout one day you should be washing your hands after an experience in which they might have been exposed to some harmful germs. We understand that not everything your hand’s touch may be harmful & we know that is not reasonable to ask of someone. However, some examples of when you should wash your hands are:

  • After petting a pet
  • After using public transportation
  • After using the bathroom
  • Shaking multiple peoples hands
  • After you play outside

How you should wash your hands

We know that most people know how to wash their hands however it turns out most people don’t give the correct amount of time to effectively wash all the germs away. When we are washing our hands, a scientist has concluded that 30-40seconds are the amount of time we should use to wash away germs. If you are teaching kids how to wash their hands tell them to sing happy birthday! This is an old trick that will teach kids exactly how long it should take to wash their hands without them even realizing.

Be mindful

The best way to fix your hand washing habits is to make a new habit & make it a part of your life. The more natural it feels to wash your hands multiple times a day the more you will get it done. Once good sanitation is a habit that you have done then you can worry less about catching the flu! We hope these tips were helpful  Will help you combat the flu this year!

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