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Stay Hydrated with These Tips

tips to stay hydrated

The summer is here and so is the hot weather that comes along with it! On those hot and humid days, it is best to take every precaution so that your body is prepared to endure the change in temperature. One of the main focuses on those intolerable days is to stay hydrated! Dehydration can be detrimental toward your health because our bodies are mainly made up of water! Lack of water can affect our everyday body functions for the worse. To avoid the worst case scenario, here are a few steps to take to keep hydrated and well on those hot days!

Have a water bottle ready. Our lives can become so busy; getting distracted by the commute to work, errands, or exercising. It is easy to grab a water bottle and run out the door while on the go. Once it is empty, it can always be refilled! Take it easy on the environment and invest in a reusable water bottle!

Eat more vegetables and fruits. Produce is a fantastic solution to keep your hydration up because they contain a high water content! Not only will it help keep you hydrated, but your energy level will be up and it is an overall healthy solution!

Don’t just drink water. Some people have a hard time just drinking plain water commenting on how it is flavorless. However, you can always change up the same old water routine by incorporating fruit and herbs! An easy go to is just having water with lemon. Try having water with lemon and cucumber slices with a mint leaf! It is colorful, and  is beneficial in many different ways! Cucumbers are already 95 percent water and great for replenishing daily vitamins! The lemon can boost your digestive and immune system. The mint leaf also aids in digestion.

Be weary of your workouts. During heatwaves people are quick to get rid of the water in their body. The body is working to keep your body cool from the heat by sweating. This results in a loss in water. It is best to workout very early in the morning or in the late afternoon after the sun is out of the sky. Have extra bottles of water on hand if you do plan on exercising in unfavorable temperatures!

If you’re experiencing symptoms of dehydration, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention.  Call or stop by today, no appointment necessary!