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Protect Your Skin In The Summer

Summer Health, Urgent Care Treatment in Laurel MD

Although the sun shines more in the summer, too much Vitamin D can be detrimental to your skin and health. Overexposure to heat and the sun’s rays can lead to heat strokes, exhaustion, burns, skin tumors and wrinkles. Here are a few ways you can protect your skin in the midst of the blazing summer sun.

Wear Sunscreen

During the Summer it is always important to manage your exposure to the sun and intense temperatures that come with the season. Your body’s core temperature rises significantly when you are outside, and you should always wear sunscreen to protect harmful effects from the sun’s rays.  

Enjoy the AC

When you can, try to stay indoors during peak hours of midday, when the sun is at its highest.  Make good use of your air conditioning and try to reserve cooking and baking for the night time where the outside temperature is cooler. 

Perform Regular Skin Checks 

Along with the summer comes insects such as bees, mosquito, and ticks. Ticks are smaller than a mosquito and can hide in clothing easily. They carry an array of harmful, some diseases such as Lyme disease. Be sure to check for them after outdoor activities. Don’t let those pests ruin your season!

Also, be sure to check for changes with moles and freckles, and check in with a dermatologist.

Wear Layered Clothing

Despite the heat making you want to wear a tank top and shorts, you should wear protective layered-clothing when you plan on being outdoors for activities such as hiking or camping.  Wear light clothing that will not overheat your body, but will protect you from the harmful UV rays.


If you’ve faced a painful sunburn, or you think you’re having an allergic reaction to an insect bite, be sure to visit FirstCall Medical Center for treatment.  For more information about the services we provide, please call to speak with one of our medical professionals at 410-730-3399.