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How To Avoid Catching The Flu This Season

vaccination-2725065_1920Several health experts have been predicting that this flu season will be one of the bad ones. They also heavily advise against being exposed to some certain locations and items to prevent the outbreak of the contagious illness.

Public ATMs

When using an ATM in the public, you should use your knuckles to navigate the buttons instead of your fingers. A lot of people use the machine throughout the day, and if somebody sick transfers germs to the keyboards and card slots, you might be at risk of catching the flu.

Public pens

Similar to the ATMs, pens lying around in public might also be fully covered in germs and bacterias from sick people using them. If you need to write something down, try to keep your own pen with you at all time.


This is a difficult one. It’s not very polite not to shake people hands when you greet your friends or people you are associated with. However, you may want to avoid shaking hands during the flu season to prevent flu virus to spread. If you absolutely have to shake hands, wash and sanitize your hands afterward.

Personal electronic devices

Phones and tablets are also common spots that influenza virus likes to linger. Start wiping them with disinfecting wipes to avoid catching the flu.

Gas Pump

The gas nozzle is also commonly covered with germs from servicing hundreds to thousands of people everyday. Now using a paper towel or tissue, which you almost always have ready on you, could solve the problem of being exposed to the flu virus.

The best way to avoid getting sick from the flu this season is getting a flu shot. Visit FirstCall Medical Center today for your annual flu vaccine!

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