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How to Address Delayed Urgent Care Treatment in 2021

The pandemic shut down the world as we knew it for months at a time. Even though the pandemic isn’t over yet, the number of new COVID-19 cases has started to slow down with vaccines rolling out across the globe. The fear of catching COVID-19 led some people to delay treatment for their injuries and illnesses in 2020. 

Injuries and illnesses that continue to linger can have major health-related consequences for patients. As we’ll explain below in further detail, patients need to make sure that they are trying to reduce deferred care so that minor conditions and ailments don’t grow into more severe cases. Even the simplest injury can turn into a chronic pain issue without proper treatment.

If you recently stopped going to a traditional urgent care provider then make sure that you visit FirstCall Medical Center for same-day urgent care access and injury treatment that is provided in a safe and sanitized care environment! 

Why it’s so important to treat injuries and illnesses ASAP! 

There’s a common misconception that delaying injury treatment is harmless. You’re already injured, so what’s the harm in waiting a little longer to get treated, right? Wrong! Injury treatment that’s delayed has been proven to have direct links to worsening injury conditions. Patients that have certain comorbidities are at an even higher risk of their condition getting worse if they aren’t treated quickly after an injury. The same conditions that may make you high-risk for covid-19 can also make it harder for your body to heal an injury without medical intervention. 

The same goes for minor illnesses as well: if you can’t get your illness and symptoms diagnosed in an efficient manner then conditions could worsen. Patients that have other immunological concerns or a weakened immune system could have even worsened conditions without quick medical intervention at an urgent care center.

Safe Treatment Options in 2021 

Getting treatment for your injury in 2021 can be both safe and easy. Urgent care centers and walk-in clinics both provide quick care with no appointment required. Many of those locations even have people wait in their car until it’s time to go into an exam room, limiting the time you spend potentially exposed to the virus. Telemedicine is also available to triage prior to your appointment. This allows the physician to order any testing that needs to be done before you come in and speed up the process. 

Anyone over the age of 12 years old is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19 vaccines are proven to reduce the risk of contracting the virus and making the symptoms less severe if you do get the virus. Those vaccines are available at your nearby urgent care center too. That means you can get your injury treated and get vaccinated all in the same visit! The CDC recommends wearing a mask indoors and maintaining at least 3 feet between yourself and other people. Luckily, medical centers are highly experienced at following those guidelines by now. Each exam room is thoroughly cleaned between patients too. The risk of getting your injury treated in 2021 is lower than the risk of leaving that injury untreated while it continues to get worse. 

Contact your local urgent care center today for more information on hours of operation, available vaccines, and telemedicine appointments! Almost any injury that’s not life threatening can be treated at an urgent care center, so there’s no need to spend hours waiting in the emergency room.

Same-day urgent care treatment at FirstCall Medical Center! 

At FirstCall Medical Center we can provide many of the urgent care services you need to stay safe and healthy throughout the pandemic. Don’t neglect any of your other urgent care appointments.