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How Do Urgent Care Centers Treat Viruses And Infections?

The flu comes every year during wintertime. Although it is well known it’s out there, it still often sneaks up and infects many in a few months. The flu can be a minor inconvenience or a lengthy illness requiring medical attention depending on the patient and circumstances. There are ways to reduce symptoms and steps to help protect against it. If patients become infected and symptoms present, a local urgent care can help.

Urgent Care

Urgent care centers have doctors on hand who are board-certified professionals. They have trained knowledge and experience and regularly work with patients of all ages. If you or a family member is experiencing symptoms, an urgent care center can quickly diagnose them and assist with treatment. Viruses are a part of everyday life, and urgent care centers are well prepared to help patients manage them and relieve symptoms. Urgent care centers can also provide patients with the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is developed annually to account for the current flu virus spreading. The vaccine will help decrease the chances of infection by boosting the immune system against the virus and improving the body’s ability to combat it.

What Is Influenza?

The flu or influenza is highly contagious. The viral illness is similar to a cold and is spread through germs passing from one patient’s nose or mouth to another. This spread can occur from coughing, sneezing, breathing, not washing hands, or touching the eyes, nose, and mouth. The flu is an infection that affects the respiratory system, including the throat, lungs, and sinuses, with its symptoms. 


The flu can be diagnosed with a simple and effective test at urgent care centers. A patient gets swabbed in their nose and throat, and the sample is then tested. Within 15 minutes, patients should know if they have influenza. Since influenza can be more severe than a cold, it is essential to confirm if patients are infected and can spread the illness. Get tested within two days of possible infection or when symptoms present themselves.


Certain signs and symptoms indicate whether a patient is suffering from a flu infection rather than a common cold. Patients will experience flu symptoms more quickly, including chills, sore throat, stuffy nose, fever, aches, fatigue, and possible diarrhea or vomiting. These are signs that a patient should schedule an immediate appointment with an urgent care center. 


Once a patient has been diagnosed, the urgent care facility can prescribe antiviral medication. The medication will help reduce the flu symptoms and help the body’s immune system fight off the virus. Antiviral medication should help restore patients to full health in a short period. If a flu infection is not treated quickly, it can become more severe and turn into a serious health issue. 

Contact a local urgent care today to get tested for the flu or receive the flu vaccine. An urgent care facility can also conduct COVID-19 testing and vaccines administration.