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Health Conditions Men Shouldn’t Ignore

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If you’re taking better care of your car than your body, you’re not alone amongst the many men who avoid a visit to a medical professional.  With age, it’s important to adjust your lifestyle by incorporating healthy habits to decrease your risks of injury or illnesses.

Here are a few illnesses or injuries you might want to see treatment for:

A burn from the grill

You were probably itching to bust out the grill as soon as it got hot outside.  Too bad your hand got just as hot due to a burn from the grill’s fire.  If the swelling doesn’t subside after a few hours, be sure to seek medical treatment.

A sprain from this morning’s run

You tried getting in your morning run before you head to the office, only to twist your ankle in agony.  You try walking it off, but the pain continues, so you Some sprains can be easily treated at home, and other times, a proper medical evaluation and treatment is needed.

A cut from a wine glass

Casually sipping a glass of wine shouldn’t end with glass on your hand, but it can happen.  Tweezers may get the glass out, but some pieces may not be fully visible and can cause a wound if all the glass pieces are not fully removed.  If glass fragments are present, the wound may need some exploration with digital x-rays.

Feeling under the weather

While it might feel great to take a few days away from the office, you might want to make a visit to a medical professional to make sure your sudden illness is not something serious beyond the common cold.  Men who have compromised immune systems such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, sickle cell anemia, and other chronic health conditions are more susceptible to influenza and pneumonia.  To prevent against the flu and pneumonia, make sure you receive the proper vaccination and seek medical attention if your symptoms are bothersome and last for more than a week.


If you’ve faced a non-life threatening emergency and you need medical treatment, visit FirstCall Medical Center.  Some of our urgent care services include:

  • Acute illnesses
  • Injuries of joints and muscles
  • Lacerations and minor burns

For more information about the services provide, please contact us at 410-730-3399.