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Flu Season Prevention

Flu is in full effect! From September- December the flu is technically in season. We here at FirstCall urgent Care want everyone to avoid the flu this season! Below we will discuss some ways you can stay away from the flu & how to stop spreading it if you have been infected.

Get your flu shot

The easiest way to avoid the flu is to get your flu shot. However, a common misconception is that if you got your flu shot last year you do not need to get your flu shot this year. The flu virus is of a different strand every year. This means each flu virus is different than the year before, so your flu shot last year would be of no effect to the flu virus this year.

Practice sanitation methods

The flu shot is not 100% effective so even if you get the shot you still should practice sanitation methods. Some sanitation methods can include:

  • Carrying hand sanitizer with you
  •  Not using community handrails
  • Wash hands before & after meals
  • Do not shake hands
  • A cough into elbow

When using these sanitation tips you are putting another layer of protection on.

Tell your friends & family to get the flu shot

As discussed before the flu shot is 100% effective however you shoulds till tell friends & family. The more people around you with the flu shot the less chance you have of getting the flu. Make sure to spread awareness & come on down to First call Urgent Care today!