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Coronavirus Symptoms? Why You Should Not Go To Urgent Care

A doctor who owns an urgent care center in Maryland’s Montgomery County said you should not go to a center like his if you have some symptoms of the coronavirus but are not sure if you really have it.

Emergency physician Dr. Pascal Crosley, who owns FirstCall Medical Center in Burtonsville said if you have symptoms, such as fever and shortness of breath, but you’re not feeling too bad, you should stay home and call a health care provider for guidance.

“You should sort of self-quarantine, and wait for some medical advice,” Crosley said.

“Isolation is what’s going to help flatten the curve of the disease process.”

But if your symptoms have you very sick, and you’ve recently visited a country where the disease is more widespread such as mainland China, Iran, South Korea or Italy, you should put on a face mask and go to an emergency room, he said.

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