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4 of the Most Common Springtime Injuries to Avoid

Made it through winter without slipping on a patch of ice or freezing the tips of your fingers when shoveling snow? Great! Onward to sunshine, green grass, green skies, and these four common springtime injuries to watch out for:

  1. Shoot, it’s ladders: Spring cleaning is in full swing, inside AND outside of homes. Before long, ladders will be hauled out of garages and propped up against roofs, allowing do-it-yourselfers to clean gutters, repair shutters, and replace shingles. And possibly fall backward, breaking bones, sustaining bumps and bruises, and so much more. Take precautions. When using a ladder of any height, make sure you have a spotter. Be certain your ladder is set up on level, sturdy ground. Never climb higher than the third rung from the top of your ladder and be sure to stabilize yourself with three points of contact (two hands, one foot OR two feet, one hand).
  2. Lawnmowers, man: The grass is suddenly greener and beginning to grow at lightning speed. Many homeowners have already pulled their mowers out of storage. But routine maintenance can occasionally lead to injury due to negligence, moving too quickly, or simply good, old-fashioned accidents. Because debris can fly up when mowing, protective eyewear is always encouraged. Additionally, be sure mower blades are always sharp, lawns are dry before mowing, and any children and pets are well out of range. And never-ever investigate the underside of a mower when it is operational.
  3. Gardening gone wrong. Green thumbs across the country are looking forward to blooming flowers and fresh vegetables, but even serene locations like your garden can harbor hidden dangers. Keep sharp tools, chemicals, pesticides, and more out of reach of children and pets. And know what steps to take if you accidentally prune yourself instead of the weeds.
  4. Play it safe: Community parks and playgrounds are also at full capacity once again, and kids of all ages are having a great time. But be sure to discuss potential safety concerns with your children, and stress proper usage of equipment. Make sure a responsible adult is supervising children at play on playground equipment and be particularly careful after spring rains when slick surfaces can cause slips and falls.

The staff at First Call Medical Center can treat common springtime injuries ranging from bumps and bruises to cuts and scrapes, minor abrasions and so much more. Our emergency medical professionals will complete a thorough examination and provide immediate care. Our doors are open seven days a week, all season long.